Workplace Massage

workplace-stress-006Stress and illness in the workplace costs millions to businesses in terms of sickness absence and duvet days, and it significantly decreases performance and productivity (read more on the effect of stress at work and what can be done about it here)


Woman having head massageProviding Indian Head Massage in your workplace is proven to significantly improve your business.

  • Onsite Indian Head Massage therapies provide a health boost to employees, melting away tension, easing any aches and pains, lowering blood pressure, calming and revitalising staff.
  • Massage therapies incentivise employees, creating productive relationships between employees and employer, engaging staff loyalty and commitment to the future success of your business.

Read more about our Indian Head Massage in the Workplace Scheme here


Through our scheme you can either have a therapist coming for a day at your workplace during a Therapy Day (read more about our Therapy Days here)

or you can give your staff a Gift Voucher as a bonus and incentive (read more about our Gift Vouchers here)

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