Gift Vouchers

Businesses can purchase Gift Vouchers for their employees as a bonus and incentive.

An Indian Head Massage treatment is the perfect gift for your stuff, as it will make them feel treated with respect and a caring attitude, as well as taken care of in their physical well-being. This in turn will produce tremendous positive effects on their productivity at work.


How much is a gift voucher?

Gift vouchers are £35 and entitle the redeemer to a full hour Indian Head Massage in the Therapists premises in Oxford. (Note that the cost for a full hour Indian Head Massage treatment when purchased through other providers is typically around £49, making this voucher particularly cost-effective!)


How it works:

  1. You choose how many vouchers you wish to purchase, and you contact us by email ( or using the contact form, mentioning the number of vouchers you’d like to buy for your staff
  2. You pay us by direct online bank transfer or by credit card or cheque.
  3. The vouchers are posted out pronto. Either directly to you, or directly to them (in which case, you might want to tell us a few words you want us to send to them in the package, so they know who it came from!).
  4. Your chosen recipient gets the voucher(s), with full redemption details on the reverse, and are very happy.
  5. Your chosen recipient books his or her therapy session by contacting the Therapist
  6. Their therapist arranges a mutually agreeable time at their premises in Oxford.
  7. The therapeutic session goes brilliantly. They thank you lots and lots for such a wonderful and thoughtful present.
  8. You decide to make a booking for yourself too, as you want to feel the way they feel!


Our Terms:

I understand that my details will NOT be passed on to anyone else without my permission. I understand that Gift Vouchers can only be used in payment towards the cost of treatments with the Lotus Energy Healing therapists.Vouchers must be redeemed by the date of expiration (normally 6 months from the date of purchase) after such time they become invalid.


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