Is your to-do list serving you? Or are you a servant of your to-do list?

todolist2You wake up in the morning with your mind already occupied by the things you need to do.


You list them in your mind and the overdrive mode kicks in. Your body receives the signal from your mind and tries to catch up with it: adrenaline is released into your blood stream, your heart beat goes up, your breath becomes shallow, and your muscles tense to prepare for the “fight”. And you are still in bed!


Then off you go, one task after the next. Each time you complete one task you gain a brief sense of accomplishment, immediately followed by the worry about all the other things you need to do.


When the end of the day comes, with the to-do list only half completed, you find yourself drained, dissatisfied, and thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list.


Does this sound familiar?


And yet you know, deep down, that another way should be possible. You know that life is supposed to be enjoyed at every moment!  You know that your life is running by you while you are busy attending your to-do list and you don’t want to lose the only life you have.


What if you did not have to be the slave of your to-do list? What if your to-do list was there to serve you?


What if the things you do never drained your energy, but rather replenished you and gave you inspiration and joy?


The good news is: this is absolutely possible for you, and it is your birth right!


Imagine a different scenario: you wake up in the morning excited about all the ways you are going to express yourself through the things you are going to do. You feel peace at the thought of the to-do list because what matters is enjoying it all, not “getting it done.” You look forward to all the ways life is going to surprise you with unexpected gifts, maybe through some of the very tasks that normally would not excite you. If, at the end of the day, some of the tasks you planned to do are not completed, you won’t worry because you are aware that the tasks are meant to serve you, and not vice-versa.


You are aware that every day is a gift for you to receive and enjoy. You know that, as long as you were fully present while attending your tasks and you enjoyed the process, then the purpose of the to-do list has been accomplished.


This type of life is for you to have, and you can have it now.


You can choose to feel isolated by the rest of the Cosmos or you can realize that you are intimately connected to it, that your atoms are made of star matter, and that you share the same qualities of the Universe, this infinite, ever evolving, ever expanding entity.


You can see how the Universe shares its qualities with all that it contains, and supports each blade of grass, each living being, each star and each galaxy towards its own evolution and expansion.


You can open up to that force that transformed you from a fertilized egg cell to a whole human being and let it continue to support you in your own unique expression.


You can choose to live each and every day as a chance to express the unique being that you are, rather than to focus on accomplishing tasks.  You can choose to be rather than to do.


To your most delicious choice


With love,


Paola Bisicchia

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