Therapy Days

What is a Therapy Day?


Our on-site therapy service for businesses is provided in units of a Therapy Day. A Therapy Day is one therapist on-site for the day.

Therapy Days can be arranged Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, as a one-off event, or specifically to your particular requirements.


How long are typical treatment sessions?


  • The most popular sessions per staff member are 15, 20 or 30 minutes long within your workplace. Most of the companies who work with us however, utilise the 30 minute sessions for maximum benefit.
  • Alternative session lengths (in five minute increments) can also be made available for particular events as required.
  • We also allow the option for staff to book multiple sessions within the day if there’s time available, if this is allowed by yourselves.


What price is each Therapy Day?


Of course, the more Therapy Days you book in advance, the better the rate we can offer you:

  • Booking a Therapy Day in a single location, 6 or more times per year would normally entitle you to around 10% off our standard daily price.
  • Extending this to a monthly event would increase this reduction saving to 15% per day
  • Arranging the placements fortnightly or weekly, or more, could give you between 17.5% or 25%, off our standard daily rate.


Our Standard Pricing Guide
Regularity of Therapy Days: Daily Rate:* Regularity Savings:
One-off £350 0.0%
Two Monthly £325 10.0%
Monthly £312 15.0%
Fortnightly £306 17.5%
Weekly £300 20.0%
Twice Weekly £288 25.0%

Daily Rates include:

  • All necessary therapy equipment to carry out each treatment.
  • Full Professional Liability Insurance for each therapist.

Daily Rates do not include:

  • Return travel to and from the site.

*We are a small company that does not act as an agency and does not charge VAT. This allows us to offer our services at a price at least 25% lower with respect to other companies.

For a quote specific to your own requirements, please do contact us


Hosted Pay As You Go Option

We can also offer a “hosted pay as you go option”, in which your company takes the booking for the employees sessions and provides the space, and the employees settle the cost directly with the therapist on the day of the treatment.

Alternatively, your company might decide to partially subsidize the treatment (e.g.: 50% or more of the cost can be provided by the company).

In this scheme, the cost of an Indian Head massage depends on its duration:

  • 20 minutes massage for £20
  • 30 minutes massage for £30
  • 60 minutes massage for £60


Our Terms

I understand that the personal details of my employees will be handles with strict confidentiality and will not be shared with third parties. I understand that the price of the Therapy Day refers to the cost of having an on-site therapist for the day for 6 to 7 hours, regardless of the number of employees receiving the treatment. The duration of each treatment will depend on the number of employees treated per day, with a longer therapy sessions available for companies with a low number of employees. The details of the numbers of employees treated per Therapy days will be stipulated in advance. A 24 hours full refund cancellation policy applies for Therapy Days.

For the Hosted Pay As You Go option, a minimum of 4 hours total treatment time per day is required. The company will arrange the booking schedule making sure that the time between each treatment does not exceed 30 minutes. A 24 hours full refund cancellation policy applies.


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