The Happy Mishap: How to find perfection in any adventure

The Happy Mishap: 


How to find perfection in any adventure




Sometimes we go along with life, and things go pretty well! We make steps towards realizing our dreams, we open up to more possibilities… life is good!

And then, it happens. The mishap! Something goes wrong and immediately our ego-mind thinks “Why? Why did this have to happen to me? Things were going so smoothly…” and we feel down, and confused.

We experience a familiar and yet very uncomfortable sensation in our body, the turmoil, which is fed and amplified by the thoughts in our mind. We go into victimhood, blaming others, or the Universe, for what happened, or we blame and judge ourselves. In short, we feel powerless.

But what if, even in these situations, we had a choice?

What if, right when we feel like a victim, we could shift our perception, to a more empowering one?

You do have a choice. You can either run away from the turmoil you feel in your body, and try to numb it with your favourite coping mechanism, to distract yourself, to pretend it never happened, or you can choose to stop, and to breathe, and to listen.

If you do so, you will suddenly feel your energy rushing down from up above your shoulders, back into your body, and the turmoil dissolving. You will feel more centred, and grounded, in a surprisingly short time! This is the power of conscious breathing, which brings you present to your body, and to your whole being.

You will then have access to that subtle voice which is always with you, underneath all the other louder voices. A voice that is in line to the truth of Who you really are. A voice that cannot see you as a victim. Not even when “bad things” happen.

What if things never happened to you, but happened through and for you? Your ego might not like this, but your Spirit does.

Your ego likes to think that things happen against you, so that it can blame others or the Universe. Your Spirit knows that nothing ever happens to you, and that you, together with the whole Universe, are bringing about exactly those experiences and circumstances that serve you to expand yourself and to bring about your full potential.

And all it takes to shift this perception is the power of an instant, when you catch yourself thinking disempowering thoughts, and rather than following them, falling into the traps of the ego-mind, you simply smile to yourself, take a deep breath, and let those thoughts go.

Rather than asking “why did this happened”, you will then ask more empowering questions, like “how is this serving me? What’s the precious gift for me in what just happened? How am I being called to upgrade to a fuller, freer, happier life through this challenge that I am experiencing”? Indeed, this can be for you a happy mishap!

What if there was never a mishap in life? What if everything was perfect, and designed for your highest good?

What if the Universe was always facilitating you, even through mishaps that your ego might resist because they were not part of its limited plan?

What if the Universe had better and bigger plans for you? What if it wanted to gift you miracles, which your limited mind could never conceive?

Would you be willing to open up and receive this type of support from the Universe? Would you be willing to surrender?

A heart which cracks open and surrenders in times of challenge expands into a world of possibilities that a shielded heart could never reach.


Vulnerability is power.

To your vulnerable, powerful heart.

With love

Paola Bisicchia

This article was written by Dr. Paola Bisicchia. Paola is an Energy Healer and Life Coach and a passionate seeker of consciousness and awakening. Her mission is to assist and empower people to obtain optimal health, freedom, flow and self realization. Paola is based in Oxford, UK and she is available for phone and Skype healing sessions. To learn more about Paola and visit or connect with her in Facebook at

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