Quantum Touch



What is Quantum Touch?

Quantum Touch is a form of healing that is aimed at accelerating and potentiating the natural healing abilities of the body.

It is particularly effective at treating physical symptoms and reducing pain. It can very rapidly and efficiently correct spine and hips mis-alignments, and accelerate healing of wounds and bone fractures.

Through breathing and body awareness techniques, the healer amplifies and raises the energy vibration of their body. Like a tuning fork matching the vibration of another tuning fork, the person receiving the session matches the vibration of the person giving the session. This raised vibration accelerates the healing, which will take place using the body’s own intelligence.

This technique is particularly effective for the treatment of spine and hips conditions, like scoliosis or misaligned hips: as opposed to chiropractic, which implies physical manipulation of the body by applying external forces to realign the bones, with the risk of creating stretches and unbalance in other areas of the body, Natural Energy Healing is completely non-invasive, and it relies on the innate intelligence of the body, which will heal and re-balance itself in the most gentle and harmonic possible way.


What happens during a Quantum Touch session?

During a Quantum Touch session, the healer performs breathing and body awareness exercises that will raise the vibration of their own body and hands, and will then place the tips of the fingers on the area of the patient’s body to be treated.

The patient is likely to feel sensations in the body, which may switch from one place to another, and is encouraged to communicate those sensations to the healer, who will then “chase” the pain or body sensation until significant results are obtained. This practice usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.


Can I get a Quantum Touch session over the phone or skype?

Yes, this is absolutely possible and it works as effectively.

Energy knows no space (or time) barriers, and can be transmitted at any distance.

During this type of distance healing, you will be asked to sit down, breathe deeply and relaxed, and the healing session will occur exactly the same way as in person, but with the advantage of being in comfort of your own home.



The price of the sessions is £60 per hour

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