Indian Head Massage for Businesses in the Workplace

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We can provide anIndian Head Massage In The Workplace Scheme for your company, either through Therapy Days or through Gift Vouchers for your employees.


This is a particularly effective way of dealing with stress-related problems, which have been found to affect over 60% of the working population in the UK. For more information of the effect of stress on work performance and how it can affect your business click here.


Indian Head Massage is arguably the most suitable treatment for the workplace as it can be performed through light clothing from a seated position and benefits can be seen from very short treatments lasting from as short as 10 minutes. For more information about the benefits of Indian Head Massage click here.


We provide fully qualified, experienced and professional Indian Head Massage Therapists to carry out treatments in the workplace during Therapy Days or in their healing premises for the Gift Vouchers.


More and more companies offer massage therapy not only as a perk, but also to increase their employees’ productivity and morale,” said E. Houston LeBrun, president-elect of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).You get immediate results — the employees experience stress reduction and greater satisfaction with their jobs.”


How can Indian Head Massage be used in your organisation?


Our ‘Indian Head Massage in the Workplace Scheme’ is very simple to set up and is tailored to meet the needs of each company. We can offer both Therapy Days as well as Gift Vouchers for your employees.


For the Therapy Day, a fully qualified and insured therapist will visit your workplace, once a week or once a month, to give Indian Head Massage treatments to your employees.

The only requirement is a quiet room to carry out the treatments. It need not be very large and could be an unused office or private area of the workplace. Only a normal office chair is required.

The treatments usually take around thirty minutes per session. Staff can receive treatment during their lunch or coffee breaks or at the start or end of their working day. However many employers allow staff time off during their working day for treatment.

For more information on Therapy Days click here

You can also offer Indian Head Massage Gift Vouchers to your employees as a bonus and incentive. The employee will then arrange the massage session directly with the Therapist in their premises in Oxford.

For more information on Gift Vouchers click here

We are happy to come in and discuss all the options with you and we will put together a tailor-made package specifically to meet the needs of your organisation.


How can Indian Head Massage benefit your company?

Several companies and their employees have already seen the benefits of offering regular Indian Head Massage treatments  to their employees:

Benefits to employees:

  • Enhanced concentration, efficiency and accuracy
  • Ability to cope more effectively under pressure
  • Greater resistance to infections and illness
  • Faster recovery from illness.
  • Improved quality of life

Benefits to the company:

  •  Improved attendance, reduced sick leave
  • More motivated workforce
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness
  • Happier and more relaxed working environment
  • Demonstrates commitment to the welfare of employees
  • Improved staff moral and loyalty

Reduced sickness and absenteeism, increased productivity and financial benefits for the company may be visible results.  Less obvious, perhaps, are the positive effects on morale amongst employees who feel they are being treated with respect and a caring attitude.


By investing in our ‘Indian Head Massage in the Workplace Scheme’, both your company and your staff will experience benefits that will far outweigh the small cost involved.


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We are happy to come in and discuss all the options with you and we will put together a tailor-made package specifically to meet the needs of your organisation.

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