Chakra Reading

‘The reading of my chakras was so accurate and spot on! It was amazing to hear my body wisdom emerge from the reading, and as I stepped into my truth, I felt my own energy open up and shift! An amazing experience, thank you Paola! ‘.‘Becky, Oxford


In a Chakra Reading Session , you will receive feedback on how the chakras in your energy body are moving.

Each chakra corresponds to particular organs and particular aspects of your life, and the way each chakra moves indicates aspects of your being that are ready to be balanced and harmonised.

By hearing the feedback from your chakras, you are given a chance to open up to new awareness about what is possible for you, and to activate those possibilities for yourself.

You will be guided to energy and consciousness processes that will allow you to shift your own chakras, even before receiving Reiki.

This process empowers you to establish a deeper relationship with your body as your guidance, to know yourself more deeply, and to open up to higher awareness and consciousness.

It is a unique profound experience, which allows you to step into your own powerful truth.



The Chakra Reading session will be followed by a Reiki session, in order to allow the body to integrate and embody the higher vibrations that you will have achieved at a consciousness level during the Chakra Reading session, and in order to release any lower densities and vibrations that no longer serve you.

This way the body will have an opportunity to adapt to the new energies with ease and flow.



The price of the sessions is £60 per hour and the session lasts two hours

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