Body Wisdom Healing


What is Body Wisdom Healing?


Body Wisdom Healing is a new cutting-edge form of energy healing that is aimed at connecting you to the innate and profound wisdom of your body.


This technique is effective for addressing physical issues, as well as emotional ones. By connecting to physical symptoms and to emotions through the way we feel them in the body, we can can tap into the wisdom and the message that they carry, and that yearn to be listened to by the conscious mind.


Body Wisdom Healing is based on the concept that our body is constantly talking to us through the way we feel, and that the message that it carries is always for our highest good. Physical symptoms are the way our body is inviting us to re-direct our lifestyle or the way we feel about ourselves, the world and life: by listening to these messages we can grow both in health and in consciousness. However, way too often we address our symptoms as a nuisance, and we try to repress them, therefore forcing the body to use a stronger language (in the form of more severe symptoms) to try and talk to us.


Similarly, rather that allowing ourself to feel all of our emotions, we often repress or ignore them, especially the ones that we judge as “negative”, such as sadness, anger or fear, therefore preventing us from learning and growing through them, not realizing that every emotion is there to  support and empower us in our path.


This technique is extremely effective and very powerful, in that it allows us to realize the incredible wisdom that our bodies have access to, and to see our body and our emotions not as a burden, but as an incredible source of support and joy. Once we allow ourselves to listen to the wisdom of the body, the emotional and physical symptom are greatly alleviated if not relieved, we gain a sense of true empowerment and we discover a new level of love and respect for our sweet companion, our body.


What happens during a Body Wisdom Healing session?


During a Body Wisdom Healing session, the healer raises the vibration of their own body and hands, and creates a high vibrational and loving space around the patience, which will support and facilitate the energy shifts occurring in the body during the healing.

This type of treatment may last between 15 and 30 minutes.

It is usually followed by a Reiki treatment which will complete and integrate the healing.


Can I get a Body Wisdom Healing session over the phone or skype?


Yes, this is absolutely possible and it works as effectively, as the healer is able to create a supporting high vibrational space for the patient as effectively at a distance as in person.



Body Wisdom Healing sessions are £60 per hour


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