A body that needs attendance: a limitation or a resource?

BodyAttendanceFinalYour body: a wonderful companion, a magic tool for you to function in this life, to explore the world with your senses, to play, to love!


And yet, a demanding companion, too! Your body has many needs. It needs good food, water, clean air, sunshine, exercise and rest. It needs to be cleaned and to be looked after for you to feel healthy and energetic. What does this mean for us?


A body that needs attendance: is this a limitation, or a resource?


Have you ever wished you didn’t have to look after your body? Have you ever felt that your body’s constant need of attention is holding you back?


If you have, you are not alone: most of us do, sometimes. We resist the needs of our body, especially the need to rest when we feel low in energy. We wish we didn’t have to exercise or to watch our diet; we see our body as a limitation.


And yet, what if there was a gift in this, too?


When we open up to Who we really are, we realize how everything in our experience, including our physical circumstances, are there to serve us. When we allow our Being to speak its truth, we know that everything is perfect, and that we have no limitations.


So where is the gift in our perceptively needy body?


What if the body’s need for care and attention was the way our Being chose to be constantly reminded of the importance of Self Love? We are called to care and attend to the body we inhabit: this can either be seen as a chore, or as an opportunity to be reminded of the importance of practicing Self-Love every day!


A body that needs natural food and clean water: what if this served us as a way to nurture our relationship with nature? By seeking natural food and water we answer a calling to be in a loving, intimate relationship with the earth. We are children of the Universe, which supports us in all our physical needs, and by choosing to eat the fruits of the earth, we open up to receive nature’s abundance, and to be nurtured by it in a very embodied, physical and intimate way.

Next time you are about to eat a piece of fruit, you may want to try this: hold it in your hands, feel its energy that comes directly from the earth, and while eating it, allow this energy to flow through your whole body, in gratitude: it’s bliss!


A body that needs exercise: what if this was the perfect way to bring to our awareness the life force energy that flows through us? The force that keeps us alive, our “chi” or “prana” can become stagnant if the body does not move: this is why exercise makes us feel so good! Through our need to exercise, we become aware of the life-force energy that lives in us and that wants to constantly flow through us, and we align with our true nature of dynamic beings who thrive in movement, expression and flow.


What about the need to clean yourself: what if this could be an opportunity for us to leave the past behind, to let go of things, experiences and thoughts that do not serve us, and start fresh every day, as well as a very pleasurable pampering experience?


Our body needs rest: very often we resist this aspect of our physical experience, especially when we feel low in energy and we are tempted to see the body as the obstacle between us and our ability to do what we want to do in the world. And yet, what a great lesson for us in having to learn grace and compassion towards ourselves. We can be so pushy and demanding with ourselves and our bodies, so focused on the doing and so frustrated when we cannot “get things done”. Not only our need for rest teaches us self compassion, love and grace, but also it brings us back to what matters, which is our Being, and our ability to be the love that we are, and not so much our doing, which is just an outer expression of our being.


Our body needs to sleep: sometimes we wished we didn’t have to sleep so much, and yet what a blissful experience can be for us to abandon ourselves and surrender to sleep, to let all our guards down an trust that life will support us, restore us, renew us without the involvement of our ego and our mind! Sleep can be the ultimate act of surrender, and trust, and how wonderful that we get to experience it every day.


Is your body a limitation, or a resource?


What other gifts can you find in the apparently needy nature of your body? I would love to read your comments in my facebook page: CLICK here!


With love,

Paola Bisicchia

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