Your Awakening Path: Another Upgrade


How to find harmony and peace (and avoid turmoil ! ) in times of deep personal change.





What is the awakening path? And are you on your awakening path?


If you feel your heart’s desire for more meaning, more joy, more fulfilment in your life; if you are aware that something else is possible for you and you are searching for the truth of who you really are, beyond the illusion of limitations, then you are already on your awakening path.


It is a truly marvellous path, where you get to open up more and more to your Truth, and you get to experience such a level of freedom, and joy, and possibilities, that you never would have thought possible in the past.


It is so worthy, and yet, what seems to happen is that we go through phases of harmony, when life seems to flow at a steady pace, and phases of upgrade, when things get stirred a little harder, and the flow feels as if it gets interrupted.



Another upgrade in consciousness.


Now we are in the middle of another upgrade in consciousness. And yet it can feel very much like a downgrade.


Old feelings of separation, loneliness, fears are emerging as if we had not already released them, healed them, let them go.


The body can feels tens, or “off” and when that happens we know very well that we are not in our flow.

Then, our default way of responding to this condition kicks in, and we engage in resistance, self judgement and even in coping mechanisms to try and numb down these very uncomfortable feelings. We behave as if we were separate, as if we were alone, and as if this was a “bad thing” that was happening to us and that we wished it never did.


If this is happening to you right now, or if it has happened in the past, even a few times, don’t worry, it is totally normal. It is part of your journey into truth and freedom.


You’ve survived it in the past, and you will survive it even this time.


And yet, this time is different, because the underlying energy of resisting the “bad” feelings and trying to cope with it all, is ready to be blasted apart. This cycle of “suffering” in order to awake is about to break. We don’t need it any longer. We are waking up from it.


It is an upgrade, and this time (like every time) it is going deeper than ever.



Releasing Resistance


This upgrade is presenting us with the opportunity to end the cycle of resistance once and for all.


It is allowing us to witness what the ego does when in resistance, and to choose otherwise.


Not by judging the ego, or by condemning it for all the bad things that it makes us do and feel, but by loving it. Yes, by accepting it, loving it and even thanking it.


Let’s go through what the ego usually does when we experience these upgrades: we “feel” off and we immediately resist the feeling, and we judge ourselves for feeling it.


This way we block the energy of the feeling which is trying to come up and to be released, and instead we shield it, and we leave it hanging outside of us. This is similar to hearing a friend knocking at our door, a friend who is in need of help, who is feeling sad or upset, and rather than welcoming them in our home, making them a cup of tea and listening to them, we shut the door in front of them. We ignore them, hoping they will go away, because the energy that they bring feels uncomfortable.


And yet, let’s ask ourselves: what if we were being called to be a friend to our own feelings and emotions, with at least the same kindness and love that we would demonstrate towards a friend of ours? What if we could accept that feeling, invite it in, and allow it to be fully expressed and felt, with no judgement?


This simple shift, can truly be a game changer.


This shift means that we do not resist anything, we allow any feeling to go through us like they are meant to, like a child who is free to feel and express sadness, joy, anger, frustration, without any judgement towards any of these feeling.


Young children allow their feelings without resistance: this is why they are able to cry desperately for a bit, and then, when they are finished, they can play happily as if nothing happened. They are able to do that because the feelings have been fully expressed, allowed, and transmuted through their body. As adults, we have lost that ability for the most part, and this upgrade is an opportunity to reclaim it, and to bring unconditional allowance to every feeling, thought, emotion that we might experience. It is a step deeper into our awakening.



Awakening to Unconditional Love


 What if the thing we are truly awakening to was unconditional love?

And what love is more unconditional than loving the very same feelings that we have previously judged and resisted? Loving ourselves when we feel sad, off, heavy, contracted?

What if we were called to invite the feelings in, and allow those feelings to be felt fully, and to be loved fully? Even to be thanked, because they are giving us the opportunity to experience and awaken unconditional love.


A powerful tool


You can do that by simply witnessing the feeling, the contraction in your body and energy, and even your own tendency to resist it, and then by choosing to surrender to it.


You may use breath to help you in this process, and to relax your energy: by taking a deep breath you make your energy more spacious and relaxed, so that the feeling finds a way in and can fully be felt and expressed.


You can do this by centring yourself in love, unconditional love. Love is the real alchemist, the real transmuter of any energy. Love brings any energy back to the love that it originally was. Everything, in origin and essence, is love.


In order to centre yourself in love, and to remind yourself of the power of your own love, you may want to focus on your heart, and even put an hand on your heart, and simply allow your heart to take it all in, to feel what needs to be felt, and to release it.


What if our heart contained the very essence of the Universe, which is Pure Love? By inviting any feeling into the heart, we automatically transmute them back into their real essence, which is love.


We are being washed through this upgrade, and every bit of illusion which we carry is being washed away and returned to love, for our own good, because we deserve to be totally light, and free.


So let’s celebrate this upgrade, let’s surrender to it, let’s not resist it, let’s be grateful for it.


Wishing you a beautiful lovely upgrade


With much love




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